Tamil: Mosaic Pack - $39.99/monthly

A package that offers some mind boggling choices in Tamil-language programming. Movies, both nostalgia inducing classics and newer blockbusters, riveting serials, game shows, lilting songs from all eras and educational programs - all this and more are in the Tamil Mosaic Pack. Another name for variety.

Tamil: Sun Pack - $29.99/monthly

SUN - a popular brand that has symbolized entertainment for the Tamil viewers and now a package that offers the best from its stable. With a mix of drama, side splitting comedy shows, music and movies - the Sun Pack has entertainment bursting from its seams.

Tamil: Jaya Pack - $19.99/monthly

The Jaya Pack is one of the most popular Tamil channels from Chennai, India. Jaya TV is a general entertainment channel that has a number of popular programs, hosted by some of the best known faces from the South Indian Film world.

Tamil: Kalignar Pack - $19.99/monthly

Tamil: Mega Pack - $19.99/monthly

This package includes some great Tamil-language channels that include a wide variety of programming featuring the latest blockbuster movies, classic movies, live news, serials, game shows, music and educational programs.

Tamil: SUN TV - $10.00/monthly

Sun TV is the flagship channel of the Sun Network group and the best known Tamil-language programming in India. A general entertainment channel, Sun TV offers blockbuster movies, live news, serials, game shows, music and educational programs around the clock. One of Sun TV's strength is its news. Transmitted three times daily, Sun News is respected for its editorial integrity in which it delivers its news.

Tamil: Vijay International - $10.00/monthly

One of the most popular Tamil entertainment channels in India, programming on VIJAY International is tailor-made to cater to the distinctive culture of Tamil Nadu and features innovative programs in a variety of genres, including talent hunts, music shows, sitcoms, thrillers, reality shows and dramas.

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